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We always do this for fun.  Yes, it seems a bit creepy for a family to get together and design a haunted yard, but everyone seems to enjoy it.  They enjoyed it so much that a few years ago someone walked up to my mother and said "You guys did it again, its unreal" and handed her a $20.  We then realized how amazing it actually was and that we could start a donation jar for a local organization. 

Every year we raise more and more.  Two years we collected money for the Miss New Bedford Scolarship Pageant.  Our entire family has been volunteering for the pageant for many years, so we thought it was the best place to donate the money we raised through our haunted yard. 



In 2012, My mother got diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the end of June.  Every office visit, blood work, surgery, chemo, radiation and medications have a co-pay.  All donations were going be used to help cover her cancer care. But then Hurricane Sandy took us by storm and ruined Halloween!!! So the next year we donated to South Coast Centers for Cancer Care.  They were nothing but amazing to my mother through this whole ordeal.  But the good news is, my mother is back in action and ready to scare your children!


After having to take a few years off, 2016 was for Team Noah. Noah himself holds a special place in my heart, and his family does amazing things in our community for special needs children and families.  They built Noah's Place Playground that's fully accessible for wheelchairs ect…They built the entire playground from donations.  You can find out more at


2019 we collect for Zane.  He is a very special part of our family and needs all the help we can give him.  Zane is 2 years old and requires 24 hour care.  While being undiagnosed, Insurance is a hassle and more is coming out of pocket than should be.  

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